Meet Our Team

Meet the team behind Coolsculpting®, passionate about making you look your best.

Bernadine Du Plessis

Bernie is passionate about helping you achieve your results. She is our team leader and has been CoolSculpting® since early 2012. Bernie goes out of her way to make all her clients feel at home in our practice. While not CoolSculpting®, Bernie enjoys working alongside the admin staff in ensuring the practices run smoothly, in all locations across WA.

Leigh-Ann King

Leigh-Ann enjoys customising treatments for her clients, to ensure they are able to achieve their desired results. Leigh-Ann specialises in Coolsculpting® and all other rejuvenating aesthetics including IPL, facials, micro needling treatments, chemical peels and more! Leigh-Ann attended the Coolsculpting® training based in Sydney in 2018 and is constantly updating her skills and knowledge to keep up to date with current trends in the industry.

Charl Du Plessis

Charl obtained his medical degree at South Africa's Stellenbosch University in 1996, and has worked in a mixture of GP, emergency & cosmetic practices in South Africa, Angola and Mozambique until moving to Australia in 2006. He is a fellow of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners, as well as the Cosmetic Physician College of Australia. With years of experience in his practise fields, Charl is passionate about achieving natural looking results for his patients.